Why are we here?

Tanusree was detected with breast cancer in 2002. For 7 years, she fought this illness with a smile on her face. Happiness was her second nature – and she had the gift from God to spread it to everyone around her.

By the time Tanusree was diagnosed with cancer, it had already spread beyond her breast to other parts as well. So inspite of getting the best of treatment, it was too late to ensure cure.

Late detection of cancer is a problem that a majority of cancer patients face. This is due to various reasons – lack of awareness of the disease being the most common. Most women fear to get themselves checked regularly – “what if the results are positive” – is a common fear. Others do not have the means to afford this detction. Still others don’t even know about tests like mammograms etc.

The effort for this trust will be 2 fold :
Building awareness with women that regular checkups lead to early detection – and cancer can be cured if detected early !
Supporting economically challenged patients, who cannot afford treatment, to get a proper chance at fighting the disease at advanced cancer centres.

Each person who gets cured of the disease, or atleast gets a few extra years, will be a success for this trust – and wherever Tanusree is, she would be very happy.