About Tanusree

Tanu did her graduation with Physics, and then her MBA. She then joined Advertising, where she soon made a name for herself as an astute planner – someone who helps in creating brand strategies. It was when she was in JWT, that she met me – which for me was the luckiest day of my life. She told me later that during our first interaction itself, she had known that we were meant to be together – that she recognised me from perhaps connections we had during our past lives.

About Tanusree
Is someone you know battling breast cancer or stepping back into “normal life” after treatment?

Tanu was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after we met – in December 2002. She fought as only she could – with a smile and a sense of humour. Yes, she was nervous within – but she never let anyone close to her feel that. She carried that positive spirit through her relapse in 2004 – when her cancer was detected to have spread to behind her eyes.

We got married in July 2004. The best day of my life. And the months that followed showed me what happiness truly was. I discovered the joys of travelling with her. She taught me about a life beyond work. And she brought into my life a sense of fulfillment that I had read about – never believed in. When I moved into a new job in Thailand, she was really excited. I guess, our life here in Thailand helped us discover more about each other than we did before. We travelled a lot – from forests in Kenya, to the shores in Australia. She was the holiday planner !

I am convinced that God somehow cannot resist the temptation of having the best people around Him. Tanu got diagnosed with significant cancer spread in Dec 2008. Her treatment involved weekly chemotherapy through the following months – till she left me in October 2009. Her spirit still lives – in the hearts of every single person she touched. I hope that this indomitable spirit helps others who are facing similar situations, battle it with a smile – as she did.

Till we meet again, my love…
— Anindya Dasgupta, husband in waiting.